BOARDING- We set out to provide the best care for your horses and ours! We feed a variety of Nutrena brand feeds to best suit the specific dietary needs of each horse. We always have a variety of hay ranging from, timothy/orchard, coastal hay and even alfalfa to ensure that horses get ample amounts of roughage, which is essential for their digestive system. We believe in TURNOUT! Stall boarded horses will spend either days or nights in their stalls according to the weather. The other half of the day will be spent in spacious paddocks with plenty of grass! All stall boarded horses will be brought inside for inclimate weather. Due to limited stall availaility, our boarding options are reserved for full or partial training clients. We set out to provide the most bang for your buck in our training packages! 


Full Training Board$1,600 per month: Includes stall board with turnout,  feed and hay twice daily, customized supplements, dewormer on a bimonthly basis, three lessons* or training rides per week and unlimited use of  the Theraplate, horses are kept show ready at all times including body clipping and mane pulls. Also includes locker rental in our show barn. 


Partial Training Board: $950 per month: Includes stall board, feed and hay twice daily, blanketing in the winter, deworming, show grooming minus body clipping, and  two lessons* per week. 


Daily Board: $50/ day 




*Lessons do not roll over to the following month if not used. A training ride will be substituted each week for each lesson missed.  




$75/hour private

 $40 half-hour private (or single training ride)

Package of 4  lessons/rides: $250

Package of 8  lessons/rides: $480

Package of 12 lessons/rides: $660


Unmounted horsemanship lessons: $35


Haul-in Schooling fee: $25/horse. Negative coggins required. 

Facility Rental for Clinics and Horse Shows

Hunter/Jumper: $1200/ day- Includes boths arenas and jump rental. Also includes use of tractors, sprinklers, and porta let rental. 


Dressage: $500/day- includes use of  main show arena.


***$250 Deposit required to reserve a horse show or clinic date. 


Birthday Parties: 

All parties will be provided one or two ponies for rides and other activities. Party Guests are welcome to enjoy the farm all day. Please Call

(205)602-3939 for available dates. 



Parties of 10 or less children: $400

Parties up to 20: $500.


Parties of 25+: $750. 


Showing and other services

Hauling: $1.25/mile (Discounts available for FHF show clients)


Show lease on FHF horses:  $100/day. 


Body Clipping: $150/horse, $125/pony, $25/extra blade


Mane Pull/show clip: $50


Sales: 10% Commission charged on all horses sold and/or found for a FHF Client. 

Where to Find Us:

785 Paradise Cove Ln 
Wilsonville, AL 35186

Phone: (205) 602-3939

What's New

We have comfort color T-shirts on sale!

Short sleeve- $25

Long sleeve- $25

Sweatshirts- $30

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